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I aim to offer the widest possible range of services that you might expect from a general handyman. There are some jobs that really need a fully qualified tradesman and if I think you need a Plumber, Electrician or Builder for example I will say so, but generally I will tackle ANYTHING !

General Fixing Stuff

Flat Packs & Furniture

"that door will never fix itself !"

"It wont stay flat for long !"

Pictures, mirrors,shelves and coat hooks are just a few of the almost unending list of things that take time, tools and skills to install. Curtain rails and poles, roller blinds, squeaking or sticking doors, letterboxes and door numbers well you get the idea.
The list is endless but so is my patience !

The very mention of the phrase "customer assembly required" is enough to strike fear in the hearts of grown men.
Fear no more, I have been assembling all types of flat Pack and furniture for thirty years and I havent lost in a long time.
"They dont actually hate you it just feels that way!"

Plumbing & Electrical

Safety & Security

"A drip is a flood waiting to happen !"

"Being safe safe was never easier."

Minor Plumbing and Electrical works are not necessarly subject to any regulations and I can quite easily for example replace light fittings, switches and sockets. Leaky taps and dripping waste pipes are not only iritatting but potentialy damaging and unhygenic.
Call me and I will tell you straight away if I can do it !
It is increasingly more important to feel safe in your own home.
From replacement latch cylinders all the way up to wireless CCTV.
All types of door locks and catches (including uPVC doors) replaced or serviced. Dead bolts and chains, smoke and Co2 detectors, wirless burglar alarms and CCTV  installed and commissioned.

Where & When I work

In order to keep my prices as competitive as possible it is necessary for me to restrict the geographical area in which I work. I try to keep within an area roughly boundried by the Halifax Rd, New Hey Rd and the M62 (see map).
I will work outside that area, but I may need to price a job accordingly.

I generally work Monday to Friday 09:00 to 15:00, Iam available on a limited basis to work evenings as well as Saturdays and Sundays. Evening and weekend working will be reflected in the price. see Pricing .

Dont be afraid to ask, I will always try my best to help out.

Call now! 07554 478153