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General Fixing Stuff

Everybody needs something fixing or doing in their home, call me and I will take the strain for you.
From hanging a picture all the way up to fully fitted bedrooms.
Just ask !
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Hanging Pictures

Hanging a few pictures can dramaticaly improve the look and feel of a room.
  • Small Picture, inc. fixtures. £8.5
  • Medium Picture, inc. fixtures. £11.10
  • Small/Medium Mirror, inc fixtures from £21.50
  • Large Mirror, inc. fixtures from £29.00
Every size and shape can be handled !

Curtain Rails

  • Standard white plastic Rail supply & fit from £27.50
  • Corded white plastic rail supply & fit from £39.00
  • Curtain poles wooden/metal supply and fit from £33.00
  • Standard Plastic Rails FIT ONLY £18.50
  • Standard Poles FIT ONLY £21.00
  • Tie back Hooks FIT ONLY £13.00 a pair
If all you need is a hand removing and or replacing your curtains call me.

Shelves & Stuff

Shelves can be tricky !
  • Standard Shelves fitted from £17.50
  • Rack & Bracket Shelves fitted from £35.90
For supply and fit on a wide range of Rack and Bracket Adjustable shelves call me for a quote.

For freestanding Garage type shelf units "Flat Packs" .

Child Proofing

You know they are worth it !
  • Door Jam Covers fitted from £20.00
  • Cabinet Locks fitted from £5.00 each
  • Stair Gates fitted from £25.00
  • Door Stops
Call me and I can do a survey and quote for the whole job fit only or supply and fit.

Everything Else !

I could never, no matter how much I tried, come up with a truely comprehensive list of the potential jobs around your home that I could do for you. I am certain you have already thought of at least two that I haven't. So if dont see what you need...

Call me 07554 478153 !

Pre Sale Checks

You want to put your house on the market but you know that there is a list of small/ not so small jobs that really need to be looked at first. Fix the dripping tap, plane a sticky door or freshen up the paintwork.

Call me and I can Check out what you need.
Call now 07554 478153
As soon as possible a comprehensive list of fixed prices for general fixing jobs will be available to download from this page I apologise for the temporary lack of the list and will remedy it soon.

In the meantime if you require further information on any of the jobs featured above please
Call 07554 478153